Learn Music Production

With your Midi instrument

Why Midicircuit?

Play your instrument

The best way to learn is by playing the instrument you already own. The exercises are designed to offer a good balance between explaining concepts and interacting with your instrument. Press a few pads, turns some knobs, get instant feedback if you're doing it right or not. In no time you will learn how it works and plus it will be fun!

Focus time

Youtube and text tutorials are boring and long but also they put you in a passive learning mode. With Midicircuit you are engaged and applying the techniques you learn as you go.

You will be delighted

We want to offer you a unique learning experience . We've been there too, getting a new midi keyboard or an Ableton Push 2 and not even knowing where to start or how to play a major chord with it. We've designed exercises to be easy to understand and fun, with a simple to use user interface and seamless interactivity between the lessons and your instrument, so we can provide you a delightful experience.

Track Your Progress

As you complete your lessons, all the data will be stored in your account. It will help you stay focused on your goals and keep you moving forward. You can always share it with a friend or to them envy - we won't judge.

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